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Our Services

Business Brainstorm


We will apply our extensive experience in the planning and design of your rooftop solar system, helping you with all feasibility analysis &due diligence. 

Project Planning and Design


XL Solar will help you navigate the landscape, helping with all permitting and licenses for your rooftop solar system.

Engineers and Architects Planning for a
Business Meeting

Project Finance


We have extensive project financing contacts to help you with project financing and debt sourcing and structuring.

Construction & Installation


We can provide all the assistance for the installation of your rooftop solar system. 

Image by Science in HD



We will also assist you with commissioning the system as well as configuring your net metering , so you can sell excess power back into the grid. 

Image by Ricardo Gomez Angel

Support and Maintenance

We will continue to be available for any maintenance or support issues that should arise, where we can maintain an extremely high...  

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